5.3L Chevy Motor Swap – Power Steering Reservoir Swap

I had previously purchased an AGR Power Steering system for my Jeep, which you may have read about in the original “build” sections… and I was dead set on using the AGR steering pump, because it’s a matched system for the steering box unit.  So I was thinking I would just take the GM system that I had on my old 6 cylinder motor and stick it in the 5.3L.  Well, that wouldn’t work, because the pump housing reservoir are completely different, the old one is a simple teardrop shape, and the new ones stick out to the left side a little bit to clear all of the brackets on the newer motors…here’s a shot or two of what it looked like:

power steering pump cannisters

You can see even better in this picture, the reservoir has a definite difference from the standard GM teardrop reservoir:


Ok, so now that I knew I had to use the newer style reservoir, I just had to make some adjustments to its outlet line (cut it shorter by about 3 inches so i could get it to route the correct way to the box)… now, to get the AGR pump installed, it was simply a matter of putting some petroleum jelly around the edges of the pump and pushing it into place… it was a little tough but the jelly made it 100 times easier than it would have been without it!



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