5.3L Chevy Motor Swap – Lokar Transmission Shifter

I decided to go ahead and test fit the Lokar Direct Mount shifter on my 4L60e transmission while it was out of the motor so I could figure out the linkage without having to do it under the Jeep.  SO, I bolted on the backplate again and test fit the shifter on the transmission to see what needed to be done:


Looks nice, and fits great… but, I had a problem with the twin stick setup on my Dana 300 transfer case… when I got a Novak Dana 300 Transfercase to 4L60e adapter unit, it gives you the ability to clock the transfer case up..which I ended up doing, I clocked it as high as it would go, and that meant that the twin stick shifters were now leaning over toward the driver side pretty far…far enough in fact that they were interfering with the Lokar and would have to be adjusted.

twin-sticks-interference twin-sticks-interference2

So, what I did was have my brother in law come over with his acetelyne torch and we bent the twin sticks on the vice…. problem solved!  (I’ll show you pics of the twin sticks and Lokar in the Jeep later)

The next step for this was to get the Lokar linkage figured out… it comes with several pieces of hardware, including a 12-15 inch piece of all-thread you can use to connect the shifter arm to the arm of the actual gear on the transmission.  What I did was use a torch (again) to bend the piece of all-thread to make it fit a little more snugly to the system because it wouldn’t quite reach without being bent a little anyway.  Here are a couple of shots of how that turned out… I was very happy with the outcome, it shifts gears perfectly through the range and is easy to adjust if need-be.  These Lokar units are WELL worth the money, they’re not cheap but they work beautifully and look amazing and have a safety lock button on the top of the knob, which I really like.




Here’s a couple of shots of the Lokar through it’s shift range from Park To 1st:

lokar-in-park lokar-in-low

This thing ROCKS!!!  Can’t wait to try it out when the motor is running.

Here it is in the Jeep:



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