5.3L Chevy Motor Swap – Injectors

I had been reading on some forums from other guys that were doing this swap that they are recommending that you pull the injectors out of the rails and soak all of it in sea-foam for a day or two to get them cleaned up really good, especially if you get a motor from a salvage yard and it’s been sitting for any period of time.  So I decided to go ahead and do that… I pulled the rails off along with the injectors


The injectors were REALLY tight and pretty difficult to get out of the rails…(which is actually a good thing, meaning the seal is tight and the rings were in good shape)  Finally got them all out and soaked everything in sea-foam for 2 days… wow they were REALLY dirty!


Look at the edges of it, it’s got a ring of gummed up filth around it.. not the shape I want them in…so I soaked them and scrubbed them with foam q-tips to get them all cleaned up.  Here’s the little cool-whip soaking bin that I used after they had soaked for 2 days:


Injector BEFORE:


Injector AFTER:


I feel confident that the fuel rails are cleaned enough to where they won’t have any issues when I push fuel through them with the new Walbro 255lph pump that I got for the project(58-60 psi on the rails!)

On to the Lokar Shifter for the 4L60e…