5.3L Chevy Motor Swap – Driveshaft Issues and Solutions

The next thing I wanted to get taken care of was making sure the driveshafts were completed and bolted in… please read the motor placement page to make sure you understand what it took to make SURE that the front driveshaft was going to fit with this motor/transmission/transfercase setup…it’s a pain, but if you take your time and really measure things and test fit and re-measure…and test fit, and re-measure again….and… (well you get the point), it will work out 🙂

I went to a local driveshaft shop …kinda local, about 30 miles away, but had taken all of the measurements they require, and had them extend the front driveshaft, and beef up the slip end of it with a stronger unit than it had before… and had them cut down the rear driveshaft by about 2 inches and had both of them balanced.   As long as I’m fairly easy with the skinny pedal in this beast, I should be able to make due with this front driveshaft and axle setup… if I really get into it on a trail in a tough section, I’m expecting it to blow up, and at that point, you’ll see another section on this site for “axle upgrade!” but until then, we’re running with this setup just to get it on the road/trail again sooner rather than later.  After dropping them off, the next day they were ready for me to pick up!


Next step, get them things bolted in!

The front driveshaft was the one I wanted to get bolted in first to make SURE all of my measurements were correct and that it was going to work, and not hit anything… holding my breath, I proceeded to bolt it in.


VERY close fit, as you can see…but it does clear everything and should work fine.  Here are some more shots for those of you that want to see this closer, I couldn’t find shots like these anywhere on the net so hopefully this gives you all something to think about and work with… enjoy!








OK, on to the rear driveshaft… looks great to me, and this is a CV jointed shaft, so there should be zero vibrations coming from it, even though it is just barely off-center as you can see in the pictures.




With this last shot, you can get an idea of the clearance and angles of both shafts.. I like what I’m seeing, so on to the next project!


On to the steering shaft issues…